Who's gonna follow me off the bridge?

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And here he thinks that well, if he can’t have what he wants, at least he can still help bring Metatron down. Look at the third gif. At least Metatron doesn’t get to win.

Oh, Metatron, you jealous asshole. Cas has been doing nothing but telling the best of stories. Something you will never understand, something you could never have.

Take that away from Cas all you want, you still lose.

But this wasn’t just Cas telling a story. This was Cas writing a story.

The tactician of Heaven set all these pieces in place even before he knew what was happening in Earth. This was a trap for the foul beast who preyed upon humanity under the namesake of “God.”

Cas found a way to save Humanity and Heaven at the same time.

He won.

Cas fucking won his crusade.

But it at means nothing because the person he loves is gone.

It was all for nothing.